•   Rates are considered per page in case of standard documents and per 2000 characters (with spaces) / 300 words in case of all other document types (the rate will be computed based on the target text);
  •   Translation rates do not vary by translation fields (legal, economic, technical, etc.);
  •  Emergencies refer to the translations due within 24 hours;
  •  Emergency rates apply to orders submitted on non-business days or on public holidays;
  •  Emergency rates apply to translations longer than 3 pages, supplied on Friday and due on Monday;
  •   Translations are sent by e-mail free of charge;
  •   All the translated documents are kept in the office archive for future notarisations, in accordance with GDPR rules (if this is the case, only the notary fees apply for the first 2 copies; the amount of 3 RON is charged for each of the following copies);
  •   The notarisation cost is 36 RON per document, irrespective of its number of pages; an editing fee of 5 RON/document applies;
  •   We only provide non-notarised/uncertified translations for Albanian, Catalan, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

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For questions and appointments, consultancy regarding apostilles, notarisations, and superlegalisations, reach us by e-mail.