•   Rates are considered per page in case of standard documents and per 2000 characters (with spaces)/300 words in case of all other document types (the rate will be computed based on the target text);
  •   Translation rates do not vary by translation fields;
  •  Urgent translation rates refer to translations due within 24 hours;
  •  Urgent translation rates apply to orders submitted on non-business days or public holidays;
  •  Urgent translation rates apply to translations longer than 5 pages, submitted on Friday and due on Monday;
  •   All translated documents are kept in the office archive for future notarisations, under GDPR rules (if this is the case, only notary fees apply for the first 2 copies; the amount of 3 RON is charged for each of the following copies);
  •   The notarisation cost is 36 RON per document, irrespective of its number of pages; an editing fee of 10 RON/document applies;
  •   We only provide non-notarised/uncertified translations for Albanian, Catalan, Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian;
  •   For quotes related to proofreading, as well as to typing, editing, and formatting texts, please reach us by e-mail.

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For questions and appointments, consultancy regarding apostilles, notarisations, and superlegalisations, reach us by e-mail.