Traduceri bune. De fiecare data.

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There are so many amusing, but also nerve-wracking stories that come into a translator’s mind. They are torn between dealing with words and dealing with people: the positive and tranquil universe of a translator vs. the tormented and picky world of business. I am not going to consider either of them because things are not changing in this department. I am not going to consider the future of translations, either. I read somewhere, many months ago [could it be years?] that translations will never die. It is true; irrespective of all those apps and software developments designed to machine translations, they will continue to be human-provided.

We are here to help you. We may not believe in regular offices and we may have tried to digitalise our work, but it hasn't lost its quality.

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For questions and appointments, consultancy regarding apostilles, notarisations, and superlegalisations, reach us by e-mail.